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Digital One Card - The best way to connect with your sphere.

Digtial One Card keeps you connected with your sphere of friends, clients, and leads. A single dynamic card that allows your sphere to reach you - no matter where you go. Easily update your online information as you relocate, change jobs, new title, telephone number, emails, websites, and social media links. Your dedicated Digital One Card link will keep you in touch with old and new contacts.

Five reasons to get a Digital One Card with dynamic QR code

1. Be Green - Every year over 10 billion business cards are printed and 8 billion get thrown away. Printed cards have limited space, small fonts, poor readability, incurring reprints - additional cost for front and back printed cards. 

2. Easily share - Accurate and complete up to date contact information is shared digitally - includes photo, email, website URL, product/services panels and personal bio.

3. Dynamic QR code: Quickly transfer data with one click of the QR code scan and save to contacts list.

4. Never run out of business card- Your Digital 1 Card is always on you phone with embedded QR Code. Also available now - custom printed case on back of your phone case.

5. Remote sharing - Text or email your personal digital card URL to friends, clients and prospects - allows for them to save your contact info to their contact list

  • Digital One Card - Business


    1. Your Photo or Company Logo

    2. Custom QR Code

    3. Custom eLink

    4. Company Contact Info

    5. Animated Company Logo

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